Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On the lookout for a leather chair

I'm in decorating mode at the ol' homestead, and I need to find a few items so that I'm somewhat satisfied with things. One of those items is a chair for Pete's "music room," or our spare bedroom/office/library. I need to find something manly for him, yet something that can be used elsewhere if/when we move from this house. And I'm rather fond of leather chairs, especially in lovely espresso and chocolate leather. I can't seem to decide what style I like, whether more elaborate or streamlined. I like both styles, which I think is an apparent pattern in my home decor.

I'll probably end up getting something totally different, but this is what I have in mind right now. Sam and I are going to an antique mall in LaGrange on Friday, so I'm hoping to score some good deals. I'm also on the lookout for a small secretary and a small table/computer desk for Pete.

And yeah, I'm hoping to catch up reading all my favorite blogs during the next few days. I missed you all—thanks for the warm wishes!


Char said...

good luck with the chair hunt - I love club chairs too so I think they are very masculine.

drollgirl said...

those chairs are both great. i'd take 'em! and a leather couch, to boot.

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