Thursday, April 16, 2009

Euro Lap Desk

I love this little wooden Euro Lap Desk I recently got from Borders. I tend to drag my MacBook Pro all over the house with me, especially when I get in a creative "zone" and want to keep working but not hunker at my desk all day. That's when this portable desk comes in handy. It's lightweight and comfy, and helps reduce the baking of my thigh flesh as my laptop battery hums away.


Claire said...

I have missed you Chris. Please drop me a line if you have the time and update me with where you are with your job search. You have never left my prayers.

Char said...

I love those - when I traveled back in the day, I always stayed at Hampton Inn and they had those in the rooms.

Georgia B. said...

if i ever get the laptop i want, i will definitely be getting one of these! was it 'spensive?

hah—as if that matters—if i have the money to buy a laptop.

Chris said...

Hey Claire, I'll drop you a line. Thanks for caring :)

Georgia—they aren't too bad. Mine was about $30. They have cheaper models, but I liked the wooden look.

Yeah, I'm still debating whether to buy that mirror. I am literally one click away from buying it, but I feel bad spending money on a mirror. Then again, it's only $69. Then again, it's not a necessity. Then again, it's gorgeous. And on and on.... :(