Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Run, Chris, Run

Well, I did it! And I surprised myself. I was toying with the idea of at least walking on the treadmill tonight, but not necessarily running. I figured I'd mix a little burst of speed into my walk here and there, but otherwise just do a brisk walk.

All that changed once I got on the treadmill, however. For some reason I just had the urge to run, maybe because I wasn't able to on Sunday, and because I've been absolutely itching to do so for a while now. And I kept up a pretty good pace for a long time, until the last five minutes or so, when I started to get really tired. I'd say I did almost 30 minutes of straight running, which was about two miles at my pace. Not too shabby for someone who hasn't run at all since late July, and who has been eating cheeseburgers and fries and candy and cookies for the last few months. That kind of eating is something I used to rarely do, but for some reason I gave myself the green light one I was back from my honeymoon to go crazy on the snarfing.

Anyhow, I wanted to share my news with you all, and I've been very touched by your words of encouragement and kindness. And to those of you out there who are thinking of doing the same thing, or struggling with your current exercise or diet program, don't despair. Give me a shout and we can chat about it if you want. I've been there and back so many times my head spins when I think about it. I used to be over 50 pounds overweight back when I was 18, and I dropped all that weight and have kept (most of) it off since then, which hasn't been too hard. So struggling for the last few years with my weight has been difficult and discouraging, but every so often I get motivated, and I try to run with that (ha ha). So seriously, if I can help you the way you've helped me, just let me know.

And now that I've showered and I'm all clean, I'm getting sleepy, so I'd best be bloggin' before I conk out!


Claire said...

you go girl! i am really proud of you. i definitely cannot run for 30 minutes on a treadmill.

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

Yay! that's awesome, Chris
you are spurring me on!

(i love the picture!)

Alyssa said...

That is awesome!! 30 minutes straight?? On your first attempt?? I am very impressed:)