Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rockin' at The Bottom Lounge

Monday night was a blast. The band The Duke Spirit was awesome and we had great fun chatting with Scott and Leanne, Pete's friends. I have to admit, I was very taken with the band's style. Lead singer Liela Moss had on a black cat suit, a sequined mini dress over the cat suit, elbow-length black fingerless gloves, and some kickin' black boots. She definitely had some stage presence, and was dancing and gyrating all over the stage, which was pretty wicked.

And the guys were no less impressive in style or talent. Most had on either dress shirts and ties or something similar, and they just had a really cool, funky, circa-1982 vibe going. They were really jamming and keeping up quite well with Moss's dynamic lead. I was very impressed with them all, and I really got into the music, but I couldn't take my eyes off Moss's sequined mini dress, or her hair, for that matter. Oh, that hair! Many call the style "skunk hair" with the dark color underlaying the blond, and it's often ridiculed and sneered at. I, however, have always liked it for some reason, and on Moss it looked pretty awesome. It was very piecey and choppy looking, which looked very rocker chick. Moss grabbed her hair in passionate moments during several songs, moaning out the words, which made her presence all the more cool to me.

After The Duke Spirit left the stage, another band came on and Pete and I decided to head home. It was late and we were dead tired, so we went outside, where Pete was immediately drawn to a pretty sweet Triumph bike parked near the club's entrance. Here he is checking it out, smoking a cigarette while holding my purse. I don't quite remember why he was holding my purse...

I finally maneuvered Pete away from the Triumph and we headed home, exhausted but content, and we eventually collapsed in our nice cozy bed. It was after 12:30 a.m. before we got to sleep, and we had to get up pretty early the next morning as always (4:30 for me, 5:15 for him), so neither of us got much rest and were draaaagggging all day Tuesday.

Anyhow, on that note, I'm off to bed. I plan to sit down with my tea tomorrow night and do a little blogging and blog-reading, which I can hardly wait to do, and which is long overdue. I wish I had the energy of Liela Moss when it comes to just the mundane tasks in life, like doing laundry or running errands. Oh, to be a rock star, eh?


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

those last two pics are really cool!

that would have been Brac, too. he so wants a motorcycle!

glad you had fun, party animal!

Alyssa said...

Sounds and looks like you had an awesome time! I love the shot of Pete with the cig and purse:) haha

Now get some zzzzz's - those kinda nights out are exhausting!

Claire said...

glad you had so much fun : )

Jekisa Jean said...

ahahah! i love the picture of your hubby holding your purse while looking so bad and manly smoking and looking at motorcyle, that was great :) Maegan said...

it sounds like you had a fab night ...those pictures are awesome!!!