Thursday, November 27, 2008

In search of...white/ivory/cream sweater dress

I'm starting a new feature called "In search of..." where I will mention things I am searching for to add to my wardrobe, yet I seem to be having no luck finding them. I'm hoping this might lead to some tips and suggestions from you all so that I may find what I'm looking for.

If you have anything in particular you are trying to find, drop me a line or leave a comment. I'm especially good at finding shoes (big shocker), but I've been known to spot other kinds of bargains and one-of-a-kind items.

And I'm not limiting this search to just stuff on sale. That's not my point. I just have certain things I'd really like and am having trouble locating them. If they are full price, so be it, but of course any sort of discount is preferred.

Okay, today's "In search of..." item is the elusive white/ivory/cream sweater dress. I just adore the look of a white sweater dress paired with black tights and a nice pair of black mary janes (or boots, if you prefer). So, so, so very cool! I first saw this outfit worn by my sister's friend, Caroline, many eons ago in college. Every time she'd wear it I was just blown away by how cool it looks. I've always wanted to wear it but never quite found the right dress. So that brings me to my desperate search.

But Chris, you say, I see those everywhere! How can you NOT find one? Well, let me explain. I'm searching for a particular cut, style, and material. I do love some of the sweater dresses out there, but my big problem is the cut. They are usually shaped like potato sacks, which is nice and comfy, but totally ignore the most flattering part of my figure, my waist. And I've tried belting such dresses, but they just look all bunchy and weird and it adds extra bulk to my middle. For example, the dress above is nice, although a wee bit short for my tastes.

So, what are my criteria? Well, my ideal sweater dress would hit just above or below the knee. It would be a medium-weight sweater material (nothing horribly bulky or too sheer) and be a nice winter white color. That can mean anywhere from an off-white to almost cream. I'm not super particular about the weave, although I don't like tons of detail on this type of dress. No pockets, no huge cowl neck (although turtlenecks are okay), and it can be short sleeve. The most crucial detail is the cut, which should be somewhat structured so that it fits my midsection and then glides away from my massive birthing hips in a nice, flattering pseudo-A-line, straight, or similar cut. I don't want anything skin-tight or figure hugging below the waist (NOT pretty on my body type). But above the waist, yes.

(I like that third dress from Victoria's Secret, although the neckline might get annoying.)

Anyhow, there you have it. That's one of the many things I'm in search of. I'm adding a widget to my blog with a list that will constantly be updated with things I'm searching for and things I've found. I'm possibly shopping with Georgia tomorrow at DSW, so if I happen to stumble into a few clothing stores afterward, I'll definitely be on the lookout for my sweater dress.

(Photos courtesy of She Strikes a Pose and The Fashion Bomb)


Hallie said...

White sweater dresses are my favorite... Have good collection of them...

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted one too! Ever since i saw the science of sleep!

Gabriela Esslinger said...

I know this is an old post. If you have not found the right dress, I found something you would love on the latest Victorias Secret catalog. It's got to be online. It's a scoop neck fitted through the waist, ALine above the knee ivory sweater dress. I'm in love with it and came upon this website while looking for a similar dress at less than the $88 price tag. I think it's worth it ;)

Anonymous said...

Where'd you find the dress in the first pic? Thanks!

Lovemydog said...

For sale on ebay right now

Josephine M. McNeil said...

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