Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sweet turquoise for a dreary Friday

These were my shoe of choice yesterday. Not a great shoe for fitness walking, as I found out during our afternoon break, but what high heel is? Anyhow, they were delightful the rest of the day, I can assure you. Lately I am finding myself wearing heels on Casual Fridays. Why? Perhaps to put a smile on my face, to make me feel more put together (which I haven't felt lately), and of course to wear pretty shoes!

If you like these, why not get a pair for yourself? They're on clearance right now at Target (although apparently only in the stores and not online, judging from these prices). Get 'em before they're gone, because they are already one of my favorite of mary janes, and I'm sure they'll be yours, too. Oh, and I have them in sunny yellow, too.


The Lil Bee said...

Those are adorable!

Claire said...

never mind the shoes... the photo is somehow vintage classic in its own right.

please sir said...

Such a cute pick - LOVE the color too!