Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Shoe Library

Last night, Isabelle stopped by to check out a pair of shoes from the Shoe Library.

"Shoe Library?" you ask. Yes! Of course. Why shouldn't I share my love of shoes with others who happen to have the same shoe size as me?

Luckily Isabelle DOES wear the same size, so she loves to come over and select just the right shoes for this outfit or that. Today she had a problem. What to wear with a light gray tee with white and dark gray script on it? Hmmm...

These Michelle K. sweater shoes were Choice #1. Definitely doable. The silvery threads picked up the silver in the script on the tee shirt. Lovely!

Adora didn't seem to care too much which pair Isabelle chose, but instead passed out on a pair of flip flops.

Dollie just wanted to play, and spent her time chasing catnip mice and pawing at strings and ribbons hanging in my closet. Dollie has become the self-appointed closet monitor lately.

Spanky did stop by to consult with Isabelle about her selection (and also to stare down Dollie, who could care less). I suggested to everyone that the cute slate gray pair of Lela Rose shoes with the bows should be Choice #2. Why not try those on? The dark gray color picked up the dark gray script on the tee shirt too, and they were delicate and girly like the shirt's writing.

Hmmm...choices, choices!

In the end, Isabelle chose the Lela Rose pair. Good choice, I say! All the animals approved, and a sigh of relief was breathed by all. Now Isabelle could confidently stroll into class looking put together and stylish to boot! Crisis solved once again.

(The Shoe Library hours are M-F, 5 p.m.–9 p.m. and Sat-Sun, 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Be sure to stop by to check out the latest additions to the ever-growing collection. Please, only one pair per person per visit. Any damage incurred to borrowed shoes will be assessed for repair costs. A late fee will be applied if shoes are not returned after four days of use. Lots of love and attention must be showered upon ANY checked out shoes in order to keep them shiny and looking like new. Please, those wearing sizes 7.5-8.5 may only check out shoes, but those wearing other sizes are welcome to look and take photos.)


Claire said...

no fair. i also want a membership card : (

you are just so precious chris!

thevintagechair said...

that is so funny! I wear an 8 1/2 and somehow I still ended up without any friends who wear the same size as me! I mean, I thought that was a common size, but apparently not. All my girlfriends have smaller feet. *sigh* oh well.

Anonymous said...

Um, who needs Zappos when this is in the world?

Sadly I'm a size 7---got anything that would look good with really thick socks?


Anonymous said...

I wear 8! How fast can I get to Chicago? :)

suzanne cabrera said... that's a library!!!