Sunday, November 2, 2008

The artist at work

Here's Georgia working extra-diligently to capture all those incredible images she so generously shares with us on her blogs, Jorjah-B and It's Just How I See Things. Good gosh, she looks stylin' even when working in the field getting that last-minute fabulous photo, doesn't she? We were on break at work, on a Saturday of all things, yet she looks so posh and cute and unique. Now THAT'S talent!


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

crack me up!
i was gonna post about this pic, too. but i think you did a better job than i would have! :)

plus, you paid such nice compliments to me--had i done that, i would have been boasting.

thank you for saying such nice things. but i think the photographer of this pic is the true artist here.

Claire said...

you two are both just so beautiful! the artist in you both inspires me.

please sir said...

Love seeing these - and that skirt!

thevintagechair said...

aw! haha you and Georgia have such a sweet friendship! It's nice to see creative people givin' props to each other!