Monday, October 20, 2008

Benefit at the Towne Tap

On Sunday there was a benefit hosted at the Towne Tap for Ken, Pete's stepbrother, who has been battling a brain tumor for a while now. It was originally supposed to be on September 14, but that's when the bad floods hit the Chicago area, and it had to be postponed. Well, this time it went off without a hitch. And it seems like most of Warrenville showed up, and everyone had a great time. There were raffles, food, drinks, a band, and lots of good conversation. I'm sure lots of money was raised to help with Ken's bills. Here are some scenes from the benefit (and boy, did we luck out on weather!):

View of the event

Pete by the DuPage River, which is now rather tame (the river, that is, not Pete)

Isabelle, Karly, Olivia, and Otto

Nic, Jim, Amelia, Jill, Kathy, and Jeanette

Kari, Joanie, and Rich

A view of some choppers lined up at the Tap

The festivities underway

My shoes, of course (sorry about the wrapper that got in that shot)

Blue skies above the Tap

A full crowd at the event

Ken and Chrissy giving a speech

Pete talking with my mom and dad, who had just visited a pumpkin farm with Sam, Mani, and Henry and stopped by to say hi (we got some free cider and donuts—yum!)

Gas tank lid on a cool bike at the Tap

(Photos via my iPhone)


Jekisa Jean said...

wow! look at that sky!

i know this is on the wrong blog to comment,
but regardless:

you are an animated GENIUS :)
i love the shoe site design!
your illustration is so great!

i knew you were talented already, so it is no surprise,
but the world wants more! i want a book please :)

Alyssa said...

Wow! What a great event! Sorry I didn't know about it - we are regulars at Al's Pizza:) I hope you were able to raise lots of $$ to help the cause!

vana chupp said...

all those pics via IPhone???I am jealous! What a great cause!

Claire said...

wow! it is amazing that you all pulled together for someone else. that is special!

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

thanks for sharing this with us, Chris. it looks like it all went very well.

(btw-i think that last picture is just so cool! very artistic shot.)

Chris said...

Hi Jessi—Thanks so much, you are making me smile!

Thanks Alyssa. Didn't know you were a regular at Al's. What a small world! Do you ever go to the fish fry at the Tap?

Thanks Vana. Yes, they're from my iPhone. I didn't have my camera on me :(

Hey Claire! Yeah, it was an emotional event. But everyone had a great time.

G—thanks for the comment. Yeah, I had to throw in the artsy shot. I wish I had my camera with me. There was a lot of blue skies and reflective surfaces to take pictures of!

Amy Wing said...

Glad things went so well for the benefit. I forget the value of a blue sky in other parts of the country - I live in sunny AZ! We are just getting to the good weather this time of year!

Thanks so much for linking to Gauche Alchemy - we sure appreciate it!

dolcechic said...

Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. I hope he's going to be okay!!! Glad you all had a great turn out!!!!!