Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sam Abell

Sam Abell is a photographer who believes in using the light around him and minimal equipment, so that his images are captured unencumbered and with a sense of purity. Abell's work has appeared in National Geographic, and he is well known for his more artistic view of the world than his fellow photographers at the magazine. There is a definite artistry to his images. Horses aren't just horses, but a powerful focal point in an almost abstract photograph of fog. Lemons on a windowsill are rendered in a magical light, and even a line of trees along a path becomes surreal.

Read more about Sam Abell here, here, and here.

(Photos copyright Sam Abell)


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

wow. his work is incredible!

Claire said...

the photo of the trees takes my breath away. i want to be there in that early morning mist.

Katie said...

I don't know why I never mentioned this to you before, but I have a photographer whose work I think you'd like. His name is Christy McNamara, and he's a photographer and Traditional Irish musician (he plays the box [accordian]).

I met him last November in Ennis (Co. Clare), while I was there for the Ennis Trad Festival. Heard him play at a session on the last day, and chatted for a bit with him afterwards. Later I found out he's also a professional photographer. Incredibly talented in both fields.

here's his website:

Hope you like it! :-)

kat said...

Love that line of trees shot. It is so wonderfully graphic.