Friday, October 24, 2008

Creativity loves company

Georgia and I had fun splashing in puddles today...

When Georgia and I get together, we tend to feed off each other's creative energy. It gets to the point where we're almost giddy with possibilities. Today was one of those days. We ran outside at break time to photograph Georgia's lovely new rainboots, which I am so in love with! She wanted me to shoot some pictures of her standing and jumping in the water, so we headed outside to seek out some big, fat puddles in the parking lot. It was difficult at times because the puddles were few and far between, and we needed just the right one. We also had a captive audience following our every move, since several of our coworkers were watching us frolic outside our office's windows.

Here we are hard at work, totally oblivious to the watchful eyes inside.

Ah, that was a good puddle, as I recall.

We only wished we had more time to play outside, but pretty soon work called us back inside to our not-so-fun cubicles. I later told her I wished we could have stayed outside for an hour taking pictures and running about while we were at work, but then it wouldn't be work, would it? After a second we both agreed that no, it isn't our work now, but it COULD be our work for us someday. Once again, talk of possibilities was on our lips.

And so we went back inside with our heads held high, laughing and rosy-cheeked from the cold and the excitement, to continue our charade of mundane tasks while we secretly continued to play in our minds.


simplesong said...

oh, i love it! wouldn't it be so great to 'play' outside like that all the time?

and its definitely rain boot time. i want to get a pair for my little one this fall to. Maegan said...

awe, that's too sweet. sigh* good girl friends do bring out the best in each other. I feel my confidence rise within five minutes together. good fun!

...not raining here yet, but those rain boots are adorable and the photo is even better!

Jekisa Jean said...

oh my oh my!
i adore this entry :)

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

'twas fun indeed.

Claire said...

Just another reason why I have come to love you both so much! I also adore puddles and I went splashing around in them quite a few times this weekend. The optimism and the dreams are beautiful... don't let go of them : )