Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy weekend!

Hope you're laughing wherever you are and whatever you're doing (unless it's inappropriate, that is).

(Photo courtesy of Georgia)


Mrs. B said...

Hi! I've missed so much this week. I must check out Shoe Love! Well, I went to Target today (an hour away). I looked for those cute grey shoes, but the only pair in my size had a big mark. I couldn't find cute yellow shoes. I ended up with some cute black flats, but it just wasn't what I really wanted. Bummer. Hope you have a great weekend!

Chris said...

You can buy the yellow AND the gray ones online. I did buy the gray ones in the store, but the yellow ones weren't even available at any Targets I've been too. I just happened to see them online when I was shopping for shoes.

I hope you are able to satisfy that shoe urge!