Friday, October 10, 2008

Dinner at The Bavarian Lodge

The Bavarian Lodge (stock photo)

Our almond-crusted breaded duck appetizer

Liver dumpling soup—yum!

My sausage platter

Pete and his schnitzel platter

Me feeling full

Pete and I went to The Bavarian Lodge in Lisle for dinner last night. We went there on our second date, which didn't go very well, and in turn caused me to not want to go out with him for a week or so. Long story, but it wasn't pretty. Anyhow, things obviously turned around and we have been there many times since. It's got excellent German food and a wonderful variety of imported beer. Plus, we never have to wait for a table. We figured we'd do the German thing for dinner last night, since we did meet at an Oktoberfest party, after all.


Alyssa said...

I love german food!! I've never heard of this place - thanks for the tip! If you're up for more 'ocktoberfest' Citizen Kane in Geneva is having a big old kraut fest:)

I am so glad you two patched things up - sometimes the german can bring out the stubborn/hard-headed traits in people;)

Anonymous said...

ooh---the glisten on those sausages is making me so hungry! something about fall weather always gets me thinking about food like this. drool...

it's funny, chris. my husband and i started dating four years ago as well, and we also got married this summer! to me it seems like the perfect timeline...not too quick, not too long.

hope you guys had a great anniversary!

Chris said...

It's pretty good. But thanks for the tip about Geneva. When is that fest going on?

Funny thing is we're both part German, ha ha. So we both have a little stubborn blood running through our veins...well, okay, a LOT!

Happy anniversary to you too, Anne!