Friday, October 17, 2008

A drop of sunshine for a happy Friday

I am wearing these sunny mustard yellow mary janes from Target today. I already own a turquoise pair, but while browsing online a few weeks ago these cheery yellow ones caught my eye. I haven't seen them in any of the actual Target stores in my area, so I had to order them online. I think they're very cute, not too flashy, good heel hight, and a lovely shade of yellow (not a super intense neon yellow or anything). I've been craving yellow this season, and this is a nice way to add a dash of it to my wardrobe. Well, they arrived yesterday, so wearing them right away is a must for me. And really I need a bit of happiness today.

And as for you readers who are patiently waiting for ShoeLove to start up, have no fear! I am finishing up the banner this weekend, and we should be up and running shortly. I have had several late nights this week and have been getting home pretty late, so I have been unable to work too much on the banner at all. So that's my fun little job this weekend, despite being suddenly forced to work OT on Saturday, and having an important family function to go to on Sunday. Anyhow, I can't wait to place the banner when it's done. I hope you like it.

And Georgia and I would like to encourage people to send us pix of their favorite shoes, or shoes they are currently drooling over, or links to their favorite shoe websites, or even stories/quotes/tips/tricks/suggestions/etc. I think we all enjoy sharing what we love about shoes, and we definitely like to talk about our most cherished pairs, so this blog should be quite fun for us all, don't you think?

Have a happy Friday!


curious girl (lisa) said...

oh chris, I knew I could count on you to find a pair of turqoise maryjanes! I am so very grateful...

hope your weekend is smiley!

please sir said...

UMM....YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mmm...these are delish. I've been so impressed with Target's shoe selection lately. Last time I was there I was THIS CLOSE to buying these brown and cream
t-strap spectator pumps. They have a PEEP TOE! How sexy is that?

But I didn't because ever since becoming 'self-employed' (read: unemployed) I only wear sweatpants. And sweatpants would be an insult to those shoes :)

Claire said...

my photos will definitely be coming as soon as i have my new camera : )