Friday, October 3, 2008

4 Things!

Fellow blogger and scarf-maker extraordinaire Candi of Dolce Chic tagged me a few days ago (Thanks, Candi!), and I decided to finally respond with my list of "4 Things." I've decided I'm going to make a positive list and focus on all the good things in my life, because I'm tired of hearing myself whine. So I won't mention any bad stuff like my threatening cold, messy house, or crappy 9-to-5 job—oops, looks like I just did!

Anyhow, here goes:

4 Things I Did Today

1. I drove in to work with my wonderful husband Pete and chatted about our lives, goofy stuff, music (AC/DC, which I hate and he loves), and our future.

2. I hung out with my friends Jenny and Georgia at work, drew silly stick-figure notes for each other, and added a little dash of goofiness to our day.

3. I talked with my mom and caught up with what's going on in her life.

4. I played with my iPhone, blogged, and then read all of my favorite blogs (and then some).

4 Things On My To-Do List

1. I need to make that leap into the unknown world of a new career and leave my ugly corporate job behind, and not look back. I just gotta do it!

2. I am patiently waiting to cuddle with Pete and the dogs on the couch and talk about our day, as soon as Pete gets home tonight. I miss him tons, as always.

3. I really have to do some laundry around here, because the dirty clothes aren't washing themselves.

4. I need to go shopping for a few gifts, some clothes, some fun stuff, and some household items that we're currently out of, but probably not til Saturday when I'm feeling peppier.

4 Of My Guiltiest Pleasures

1. Shoes, of course. Can you tell? I don't think I talk about them enough. I love buying them, looking at them, talking about them, organizing them, wearing them...I can go on and on. No seriously, I can.

2. Taking pictures (just like Candi). I have always adored photography and never get tired of it. I wish I could just play around all day, every day, and take pictures. What a dream job that would be! And everywhere I look, I see possibilities—isn't that a lovely thing?

3. Candy, candy, candy. Steve (my older brother) calls me "Nina" after this elderly lady from our old neighborhood who was constantly giving candy away to us kids. I love candy, and I can never make myself stay away from it for too long. Oh, and ice cream is pretty darn good, too.

4. Sleep. I wish I could have made this fourth one exciting and interesting, but I honestly can't seem to get enough sleep, so it's definitely a guilty pleasure for me. There's nothing like going to bed on a Friday night after staying up late (watching episodes of The Dog Whisperer and Forensic Files, of course) and then sleeping late on a Saturday and getting up whenever I feel like it. I know that will be a thing of the past once Pete and I have a family, but I'm soooo enjoying it right now.

4 Random Facts About ME

1. I hate Oreos. Not generic cookies and cream sandwich cookies, but brand-name Oreo cookies. Don't know why, just always have.

2. I love true crime stories, whether they be books or tv shows or movies, although I prefer books. The creepier, the better! There's nothing like reading a chilling nonfiction novel in the middle of the night while hunkered under the covers, alone. I think I find them so scary because they're true, which is a much scarier thing than reading a made-up tale. A favorite author of mine in this genre is Ann Rule, but I've read scores of other books by similar authors.

3. I was once a JCPenney model—it's true! For a day, anyhow. When I was nine, my mom worked at the JCPenney outlet in Addison, and they decided to have a fashion show featuring all the new fall clothes. I was chosen to be a model, along with other children of the employees and some employees themselves. I got to model a pretty pink pleated skirt and a chunky cream sweater with rosebuds on it. And I had to walk up and down the catwalk in the middle of the mall in front of shoppers, doing the little turns and poses, which I secretly enjoyed. Best thing was, I got to keep the clothes!

4. I am a HUGE Cubs fan, always have been and always will be. I had a bad crush on Jodi Davis back in '84, and another one on Michael Barrett for the last few years, until they booted him off the team (I guess I have a thing for catchers). And of course I'm on pins and needles right now with the NLDS underway, but I'm loving it!

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Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

well, this was fun to read, because much of this, i did not already know about you.

I HATE OREOS, TOO! I knew we were kindred spirits for a reason!

thanks for sharing with us and giving us a peek into your world. i enjoyed it.

what a fun post! i can't wait to do mine.

curious girl (lisa) said...

hello. this looks like fun and I will get around to posting mine this weekend.

have a great friday!

sandy said...

Nice post, I'll have to try and do one myself. Have a good weekend!

Mrs. B said...

I almost tagged you for this same thing yesterday but then I saw that Candi already had.

Your husband hates AC/DC? How can anybody hate AC/DC?

I am soooo with you on the shoes! They're a guilty pleasure, but really I don't even feel that guilty about them because they make me happy. Now if only Ihad more room to keep them. Those true crime stories would totally freak me out though!

kat said...

Great to find out more about you!

Chris said...

No, I HATE AC/DC and it's my husband's favorite band, lol.

Thanks to you all for stopping by! :)

avant garde said...

i too hate oreos, but you know what i'm currently and completely addicted to? newman-o's, paul newman's version of oreos. sooooooooooooo good. plain, chocolate or mint centers. you have to indulge, you'll be hooked. they taste like good-for-you oreos. great post! oh....and ac/dc was my first rock concert i attended in the old boston garden. i must admit i like them still when i hear them. oh well.

Chris said...

Wow, I'll have to try Newman's out then. They sound good!

As for AC/DC, I will listen to it because Pete loves them, so I do it for him. But he had it cranked at 5:45 a.m., and that's a no-no in my book for ANY music, lol!