Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pete, a.k.a. Tygra of the ThunderCats

Tygra of the ThunderCats

Pete of the Hoogestraats

I've told Pete several times that at certain moments, his hair is reminiscent of something one of the ThunderCats would sport. It seems especially ThunderCats-ish when he first gets up in the morning, or after a long day of working and being dirty, when it's sculpted into a wing'ed 'do. This photo of Pete (he's the cat in the second image) is the best photo I could find with him displaying a somewhat Tygra-esque style, complete with side wings and intense volume, although here it is rather tame looking. I'm not sure why his hair achieved this ThunderCats look on this particular day. I think it was just really long and unstyled, so it simply molded itself into an aerodynamic shape.

Pete finds my observations very amusing, and he seems to enjoy it when his hair takes on these attributes. He spent the entire ride into work yesterday morning singing the ThunderCats theme song, asking questions about the characters, imitating the villains' voices, and watching the cartoons on his iPhone. A bit intense for me at 5:45 a.m., but I'm used to my husband's ways, and this is a pretty typical car ride for us. It's lots of fun most mornings, and that goofy side of him is part of the reason why I love him so much, even though he DOES tend to look like a ThunderCat at times....

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Claire said...

i have begged calvin to grow his hair but he just won't budge on this one so enjoy these crazy thundercat looks : )

avant garde said...

so funny! he really does have those thundercat looks. good he has a sense of humor as we are all critiquing him from time to time:)

Chris said...

I told Pete he's lucky he has such thick, voluminous hair. I love it, and I love even more how out of control it can get when it's long. When it's in the ThunderCats stage, that's usually his cue to go get a haircut :)