Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brunch, antiques, Indian Food, and "Milk"

Sam, Jane, Henry, Mani, and I all met up for brunch at Blueberry Hill in LaGrange on Saturday, which was wonderful.

Then we girls let the boys go off to do their own thing (which included riding the carousel at Brookfield Zoo), and we headed to the antique mall in LaGrange. They were having a sidewalk sale, but Sam and I weren't too impressed this year. So we went inside the mall, and I did find some cool things, like...

this charming sheet music

this lovely teacup

We stopped at Starbucks for some coffee, then headed to Trader Joe's, Borders, and a few boutiques on the way to the car. Afterward, I took Sam to the Honda dealer to pick up her CRV, and we headed over to another antique shop, where I found...

this pretty magazine

I parted ways with Sam after that to fetch Pete (who was at home without wheels) and headed back to Sam's house. Mani and Henry were back, and we all went to Khyber Pass in Oak Park for some delish Indian food.

We all had the buffet, and I tried some rose milk, which was utterly wonderful.

I must learn how to make it at home....

Anyhow, then we headed back to their house and watched "Milk," which was pretty good.

Everywhere we went, people were fussing over Henry and Jane. They were quite the little charmers and enjoyed the attention.

I plan to frame the sheet music and magazine as I've framed others in my house (the framed Life magazine is my favorite so far).

And the teacup is going in my growing collection. All in all, I didn't spend all that much, yet I still got some great vintage finds to add to my happy home.

(Some images from Blueberry Hill, Khyber Pass, LaGrange Park Antique Mall, Kitchen Tantra; image of Jane by Nicole)


Char said...

what a great day - I love the things you found

georgia b. said...

i hope it's okay with you that i am going to be stealing that mendelsohn sheet music when i come over next.

he is my favorite composer!! great find! all of them.

looks like a lovely lovely day. i've been wanting to try an indian restaurant for a while.

avant garde said...

i've only had indian food once, but loved it. and i want that tea cup you bought, we have a cupboard of all mixed up cups and saucers and that one is a beauty!

Chris said...

Ha! Georgia, you will have to pry that sheet music off the wall, cuz I'm going to frame it. Just kidding, you can borrow it. I got that for all of $2, if you can believe it!

Indian food is wonderful. I can't get enough of it.