Monday, June 8, 2009

Letters as art

I've been decorating my pad during the last several weeks, and I was trying to think of other ideas for art that I can display on my walls. I'm not partial to quotes or sayings on walls, but I do like single words or even just letters. The above image really captured my attention, with the letters in different fonts, colors, and sizes, and randomly arranged too. I think this would make a fabulous presentation as an almost mosaic-like work of art.

Now I just have to start collecting letters....

(Image from


FancyPants-design said...

love this!!

Char said...

I do like randomness of this.

Georgia B. said...

ooooh, very neat! it's great for a large wall that needs something to take up the space. sometimes many pictures on a wall just looks too busy, but like you said, this is like one big piece of art for the wall, even though made up of many smaller pieces.

gosh, where would you find all those letters? i've got two—my g and my b.

oh, and my "live", "eat", and "sleep" {which i can't find one of the "e's"—i think my landlord stole it}

avant garde said...

love text as art. i found 3-d kraft cardboard letters for my shop, sprayed them with metallic copper paint and hung them the long way like this

and they really look like metal now, so easy. fun to play with text, it breaks up an area and adds a different element to the space. also just fun :)

drollgirl said...

what a beautiful and creative idea!

this is a little different, but i always like seeing russian text. i never understand it, but i appreciate the form of it!

Claire said...

you know how much i love words and letters on walls chris. i have decided to do something different this time round though... i am planning to attach large letters and hand written letters to braod ribbon and then i will be suspending them from the ceiling down the wall. hope it turns out to look ok. please do post pics if you decorate one of your walls like this. it will be stunning!