Monday, June 15, 2009

Slow day

Hey, everyone, how are you? I've been feeling really, really tired and sluggish for the last few days, so I've been a bit absent from my posting duties. To remedy my stupor, I've taken the laptop outside to work on my freelance project (and maybe squeeze in a little blogging and surfing). I figured I should enjoy the beautiful weather before the rains come AGAIN tomorrow, and get some usage out of my lonely patio furniture, which hasn't seen many sunny days lately.

And we're also in the middle of painting the dining room/kitchen floors (robin's egg blue, so very lovely!), so avoiding the fumes has been a big motivator for going outside. The doggies are keeping me company and getting some fresh air too. Hopefully I'll be back to my energetic self tomorrow.

And thanks for all of you who expressed your concern and good wishes regarding Dollie. She did indeed come home, albeit a bit late (a day and half later), which is really unusual for her, hence my freaking out. In true cat fashion, she simply strolled up to Pete in the backyard and acted like nothing had happened (he grabbed her quickly so she couldn't change her mind). I was thrilled to have her back, and she's up to her old antics again, running around like a maniac and climbing on every surface imaginable.


Char said...

oh...I'm so happy she came home - I did a fist pump in honor of her return. and I love that blue

Arianna (Erika) said...

That is awesome news. I kept hoping for good news. :) As for Robin's Egg Blue color, I love it. I am still trying to figure out where I can sneak some of that in my house.

georgia b. said...

oh, now i understand where you've been. sorry about the comment on vivid. when i checked my blog roll on jorjah-b earlier, it did not show a new post.

your kitty was missing? i was just telling someone yesterday how that happened all the time to my first cat {when i was 10}. i didn't know it when it happened the first time, but she had gotten pregnant and went and found a spot to have the babies. i did not see her for weeks, and i thought she had been hit on the road or something. i was so over joyed when she finally came home—and with five new little kittens in tow.

glad yours is back. can't wait to see your new floors.

Teresa said...

So glad you have Dollie back. I just love the pet you are featuring in these photos also. Hope you get to feeling like yourself again soon.