Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A trip to the Garden

Georgia and I are headed to the Chicago Botanic Garden today, after we have a hot breakfast somewhere nearby (I'm scoping things out now).

We hope to have a day full of running around with our cameras, enjoying the weather (please cooperate!), and having a few laughs (or more). I'll be posting my results later this week on vivid.

UPDATE: This has since been postponed to next week, due to our crazy Chicago weather. But I'll be sure to share pix after we visit!


Claire said...

Enjoy every minute of it!

I read about your missing Dollie. I am so so sorry Chris. Has she come home yet? Those eyes and that gorgeously cute little body. I would miss it so much if I was you.

georgia b. said...

oh, man!!! this is what we're missing???

it better rain really hard today or i'll be mad. :)

it looks gorgeous. thanks for the sneak preview. now i really can't wait until next week!

Chris said...

I know! So far it's dry, and I'm almost wishing it'd rain! Wait, I take that back, lol....

Yes, Claire, Dollie is back and being goofy as ever. We're glad to have her home though :)

Georgia, did you get my emailed response last night regarding the screen shot? Sorry, I fell asleep :(