Friday, June 12, 2009

What a watchdog!

Yesterday Pete, the dogs, and I were driving home on 88, and we happened to be driving alongside one of those Invisible Fence–type trucks. There was a giant photo of a chocolate lab on the side that look a lot like the image on the van above, probably a good 6 feet tall.

I suddenly saw Adora intensely staring out the window at the dog picture on the truck as we drove along, and pointed this out to Pete. When he turned around to watch her, she had started growling at the giant dog and would have probably started barking if we hadn't passed the truck.

Pete and I laughed a long time about this, but Adora was all business. Thank God we were all safe from the mean, giant dog on the highway, thanks to her!


georgia b. said...

that is an absolute stitch! thanks for the friday laugh. :)

i love how adora is the star of your blog and how much you write about her. she is just one of the cutest dogs i've ever seen. and she's funny, too.

kendalee said...

Brilliant! Good to know you're loved and protected... :) Adora rocks!

avant garde said...

such a funny story, they are so protective. her eyes, i've mentioned to you before, know things, they have a different quality than most dogs, almost human or something. so adora-ble.