Sunday, June 29, 2008

Vintage tea cup obsession

Okay, I've always had this dream of having quaint little tea parties at my charming little home. Of course, that assumes that my charming little home is finished and ready for such tea parties (which it is not) and that I have a lovely collection of tea cups and dessert plates, which I do not—not yet. But this is my goal.

I've been perusing eBay for weeks now, hunting for just the right vintage tea cups. There are some absolutely gorgeous ones for sale, but I need to keep things relatively inexpensive these days. However, I've still been able to find some beautiful little tea cups at an affordable price (most under $10), each unique and pretty in its own way. Here's a small peek at my growing collection. Note: the pink one is not yet in my grasp, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Claire said...

I just love these. Hopefully we will oneday be able to share a cup of tea... It really is amazing how similar our tastes and styles are.

Chris said...

That would be cool :)

It is, isn't it? They are so pretty and unique. I love looking at them together in the colorful collection they have become.

Lux said...

hey! I found you through google so thought I'd drop you a line, I'm in the UK and also a vintage teacup freak, and have always had a little dream of opening a curiosity teashoppe, but my collection of tea cups is outgrowing my kitchen! So very soon I'll be starting to sell them off. At the moment I'm, but I'm opening an online tea shop soon and will keep people posted through here.
good luck with the pink one - hope you get it!
Love Lux x

david g said...

Hello to everyone. I have about 25 tea Cups and saucers, mint condition. I am looking to sell them a long with a tea service for 6. If anyone is interested you can email me at I can provide pictures and details for you. Thanks!