Thursday, February 19, 2009

You And I Both

Go check out Dallas Shaw's Etsy shop, where this print entitled "You And I Both" is available in lovely candy-like colors, including this sunny lemon yellow.

Shameless Self-Promotion Alert! I took the photos for the yellow print, which were featured on Dallas's blog, Dilly Dallas, as well as Joanna Goddard's blog, A Cup of Joe. And yeah, that's my dog Spanky in the top photo. What a well-behaved little model he is!


Georgia B. said...


you should promote yourself shamelessly!!!

way to go, miss Chris!

Claire said...

so so proud of you!

carry on promoting!

those words... you and i both...really really work for me.

citysage said...

Go you! Do we get to say 'we knew you when'?

I think this print must have been inspired by a Jason Mraz song that I absolutely love---he's so awesome!

Great pics!

kat said...

Nice one! Lovely prints & pics.