Friday, February 6, 2009

A typical week night routine

Pete snuggling with the doggies—they love their papa and fight over the prime spot on him, near his face

Watching tv shows about Hitler or guns or tanks or murderers (and What Not to Wear, if Chris gets control of the remote)—here a show about Hitler is the show of choice

Chris blogging, Facebooking, or working out (mostly doing the former to avoid the latter)—note the kitty paw prints all over the laptop keyboard

That's all I got today. Feeling a bit tired, but upbeat. Happy Friday!


Claire said...

was just musing yesterday how it really is the simple everyday mundane things that really make life, life.

Char said...

your night sounds like mine...well, except for dogs, a husband and Hilter. But you get my drift. Comfort and happiness...that is the joy of life.

drollgirl said...

what not to wear!!! i am obsessed with that show!!! and my bf can't get enough of the history channel.