Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh DSW, how I miss thee

Dearest, beloved, desirable DSW,

Please stop taunting me with your enticing emails, intoxicating commercials, and captivating fliers! You know I cannot peruse your aisles at the moment, due to my impending layoff and subsequent residency in a cardboard box. So why do you seduce me so? Your sweet siren song of leather and buckles and suede and canvas will only lead me into temptation, a fate that is bittersweet, full of both instant gratification and worrisome depreciation of funds. The click of your heels, the rustle of your fabric, the zzzling! of your zippers...such sweet music to my ears!

But alas, I must hold my chin up high, avert my lustful gaze, and turn my back on you. Please don't take it personally. I really do adore your wares, and mean no harm in my sudden aloofness. It is best for us both if we take some time to see other people, don't you agree? I will always hold dear the fabulous times we had, all the laughs and dancing and strutting to and fro. These cherished memories will fill my dreams at night, and in the morning a lingering mist of a fading yet still vivid fantasy shall swirl about in my mind, making me drunk from the frivolity of it all.

For now, however, we must remain apart, as if we ceased to be. So long, DSW, until we meet again...

Yours quite faithfully,

A Lover of All Things Shoes


Maggie May said...

unfortunately i hear you. sniff.

drollgirl said...

damn this economy and the moratorium on shopping. it just sucks.

Claire said...

so well put. if it were me that were receiving the breakup note, i would find it quite acceptable to set you free.

thank you for your positive outlook amidst the turbulence.