Monday, February 16, 2009

I got my fix with some cheap (but pretty) shoes

Reverie has been lacking the usual fashion reports that I'm so fond of, and I suppose that's because I've had a moratorium on buying ANYTHING that's not essential (yes, even shoes must fall under that category). But I was able to visit DSW this weekend without breaking the bank and buying 10 pairs of shoes. They were having a clearance sale going on, and let me tell you, there were TONS of shoes on sale! It was hard to narrow it down, but I gritted my teeth and selected only a few pairs. I had intended to only buy ONE pair, but with the deal I got, I figured I could swing one extra pair. But I think this will be it for a while again.

Anyhow, I got these cute little brown satin heels (with a velvet bow!) for less than $12. Yes, $12! Original price $39.89 (per the sticker on the box, not the web site). They're absolutely adorable when worn. I wouldn't have bought them at full price, or even half off. But 70% off? Sure!

And I got these beauties for less than $18. Original price $59.94.

I have a thing about green shoes. I have very few pairs, and it just makes me want to buy more green shoes so that the color is equally represented in my closet. Yes, I know, weird, but I have my shoes arranged by color. Anyhow, if you go out and look for nice green shoes, you'll realize they're hard to find. You'll have an easier time finding blue, or yellow, or purple shoes for some reason. So when I find a pretty pair of green shoes, I usually snap on them. And look! These have shiny buckles on them! And they have peep toes! And they're suede! And super comfy! I can't wait for nicer, warmer, drier weather to come so I can wear my pretty shoes again!

Okay, excitement over. Back to reality, which is all about snow and ice and cold and salt and mud right now :(


drollgirl said...

major score!!!!!!!!!! what incredible deals, and they are cute! said...

awww lovely! I wish I could just go to the shop and buy 'few pairs' lol, why I am not earning my own money xD ;d i love the green one!

Char said...

adorable finds!! and you're right, irrestible prices.

Claire said...

chris i love both of these pairs. i cannot wait to see your collection later this year if i may?