Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Vespa word: yum

I want one of these. They are so, so beautiful and cool and neat and stylin'. I saw a guy at Whole Foods with one a while ago, and the thing is absolutely gorgeous. The color is even more vivid in real life, if you can believe it. I can totally picture me tooling around Warrenville on one, doing errands or running to Starbucks. If they were $1,500 or something, then I might have a chance to save up for one. Or if I suddenly come into lots of disposable income, then I would certainly run out and purchase the sweet and lovely machine. But alas, neither is the case, so I must admire from afar.

1 comment:

g-bug said...

yes, very delicious!. i want one, too! maybe when we are both rich and famous, we can get one. :)