Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Greetings from Hawaii

View from our balcony

I'm writing this from our hotel room in Kauai (actually a condo of sorts) with one of the best views one could imagine. It's been a crazy busy weekend, but also very very good. Pete and I were married at White Pines, of course, and then spent a little extra time at our sweetheart cabin. Monday morning we departed for Kauai, and experienced some scary turbulence on our flight from Chicago to Phoenix. Then we almost missed our flight to Kauai, and were ravenous after having only eaten Jujubes all day, so we had a snack on the plane. We got to Kauai around 2:45 local time (we're five hours behind Chicago) and we met up with Pete's old boyhood friend, Rob, who graciously helped us find our luggage and entertained us at his home (Rob's sister and nephew were there, too). Then Pete and I had fun trying to find our hotel room, but we're here and we're safe, and that's all that matters, although Pete has been gone for four hours now, leaving to go for a walk at 4 a.m.—ah, but he just got back, good. The wild chickens are a weird sight, and there are lizards in our hotel room. But it's great.

Anyhow, here are a few pix for you to enjoy. I'm sure I'll have more photos as the week goes on, and I have an awesome connection here, so there you go.


(NOTE: The Bitchy Deli will be on hiatus until our return to Illinois. I can't justify bitching about ANYTHING while we're on our honeymoon, although I have plenty to bitch about little things.)


g-bug said...

it's BEAUTIFUL!! can't wait to see all the pics. Sue said, stay away from the cliffs, 'cause the waves can pull you in.

Chris said...

I have lots already. Mostly shopping and errands today, and a late start due to sleeping in, but more will be coming tomorrow!

I'll tell Pete that. I have NO problem abiding by that rule, but Pete tends to live on the edge. He's already been running all over the island, eating strange fruit and stalking the wild chickens. Weirdo! :)