Sunday, August 24, 2008


The infamous headless dog treat jar, showing the breach of security

Half-eaten dog treats on the counter

Dollie next to the dog head, pre-breakage

Dollie relaxing on the counter during happier dog head times

If you haven't noticed, our cat Dollie is an odd bird. She seems to have a fondness for dog treats. Yes, very strange, right? While Pete and I were on our honeymoon, Matt said someone had knocked the dog head off of the dog treat jar (it's a dog cookie jar) and he originally thought Spanky or Adora did it. He had found the dogs standing around the broken head, barking and going nuts, so he put them both in their cages and cleaned up. When he told me this, I knew right away it was Dollie who broke the dog head. She likes to lay on the counter (which I don't appreciate, but I tolerate, since the dogs chase her otherwise) and tends to throw stuff on the floor. I thought she had been rubbing against it or something and just knocked it over.

But then on Saturday morning, I walked into the kitchen to find the temporary aluminum foil lid pushed aside and a couple of half-eaten dog treats out on the counter, along with numerous crumbs from other already-eaten treats. I was surprised to find out she was actually EATING the dog treats. When I mentioned this to Iz, she confirmed my hunch, saying that Dollie had stolen a dog treat right out of Iz's hand when Iz wasn't looking and was about to reward Spanky and Adora for doing a trick.

Last night I came home late and found more half-eaten pieces of dog treats out on the counter again. So now I realize Dollie has a serious hankerin' for those treats, which I find very weird but funny and cute. She seems to prefer the chicken strips and the little steaks over the bacon pieces and the pizza slices. I am finding more and more that Dollie is one of the most colorful and loving pets I've ever had, especially for a cat.

(Dollie photos courtesy of Iz)

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