Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Camping countdown

Well, it's here again. Time for the annual family camping trip. This year we're going to Nelson Dewey State Park in Wisconsin. Yesterday afternoon Pete, my dad, and I were setting up tents in my parents' backyard, airing them out and checking for any needed repairs. Seems like a lot of the camping equipment has disappeared yet again, like it does every year. My stove has reappeared (Steve has it) but I'll need to go buy an air mattress and some other supplies. I already had my mom pick up some lanterns and flashlights too. I swear I've bought like six lanterns in the last five years, and I only go camping once or twice a year. But stuff just keeps disappearing, so what else can you do?

It was funny though. Otto saw us setting up the tents and ran outside to see all the action. He was so excited he tried to run into my tent, but the door was zipped shut and he just ran smack into the canvas. Luckily the structure was fairly sound and it didn't collapse from the force of his massive head.

1 comment:

g-bug said...

sounds like fun!

i envy that you have this annual event.

jessi just got back from her family camping trip.

it is something my family never did. i wish we had.

i'll have to start my own tradition.