Thursday, October 22, 2009

(So) happy together

I'm not sure why, but lately Pete and I have been in a really good place, as far as our relationship goes. We don't fight much, we have really interesting conversations, and we laugh and cuddle more than ever. Not that we were always fighting like cats and dogs before, but there just seems to be a sense of harmony that has settled over our home. Despite the extremely tight finances (uh, hello unemployment, furlough days, and tons of medical bills) and the usual bumpy road we travel called life, we've been pretty mellow and happy.

I think we are also both happy (and a bit scared) about Baby Jack coming, and are enjoying this strange journey together (where DID that belly come from???). I think Pete is settling into not only his role as a husband, but as a father and provider, and perhaps is enjoying it more and more. He is ready to take on his new roles, and seems to be so excited to make a difference in someone's life (Jack's).

So yeah, we're happy. It's a good place to be, and I hope it only gets better from here.


Char said...

it does my heart good to read posts like this. it does - it gives me hope in the thing called love.

avant garde said...

yeah for you guys :) something just settles in sometimes, with a baby coming, there is anticipation and a cute calm. i can't wait for you guys to see your baby for the first time and you'll see, it only gets better, sheer bliss.

kendalee said...

I agree with Char - reading things like this restores my faith in loving relationships so thank you for sharing it. And I'm (so) happy for you guys - long may it continue! :)