Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Now it's Spanky's turn

Our little man-fox Spanky (that's what Pete calls him) isn't feeling so well today, so I'm taking him to the vet. Pete and I were gone most of the day yesterday, and when we got home, we discovered he had puked in a few places around the house, and continued to puke on and off all night. Early this morning he was still puking, and although he hasn't puked since then, he isn't eating at all and looks miserable.

So now we'll "go see doctor," as I like to tell the animals when they don't know what's going on. They know what this phrase means, and I don't think Spanky is happy about it, but hopefully he'll get his tummy checked and will be feeling better soon.

And yeah, if you're keeping count, that's three pets in the last month that have been sick. The only one who's escaped this fate so far is Max. Hopefully he stays healthy, and this little curse of illness upon the Hoogestraat household ends with Spanky.


avant garde said...

oh, poor bunny boy...there's a pet bug that seems to have taken over your house, at least you are not affected. funny how even with pets we can totally notice they are not right, even without the throwing up, they can just get off somehow. hopefully it's gone soon! and they are back to their cute-eyed selves :)

Char said...

oh, poor poor baby. hope he's much better soon.