Friday, October 2, 2009

A nightly ritual

Me, Dollie, Spanky (by my belly), and Adora

This is how we end up every night, with me snuggling under a blanket and the dogs/cats piled around me, sleeping. The only one who didn't join us last night was Max, who was off prowling around in the basement somewhere, I'm sure. Sometimes we mix it up and they all lay on Pete, or we split them 50/50. It's hard to move with dogs and cats on you, but it's super cozy!


kendalee said...

Nothing better than a bit of shared body heat as the nights get cooler - you all look comfy and cosy!

Char said...

LOL around here they get settled about the time I have to get up and pee. It's always a party.

cute shot.

Claire said...

chris we have our kittens!!!!!!!!

and finally i can join in all the chatter about the fluffy friends. they just make a home, don't they?

hoping that the little bean is just growing perfectly inside of you and that all the horrible side effects are fading in the reality of his arrival.