Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to the drawing (and proofreading) board—again!

I'm happy to say that things are perking up a bit in the freelance department for me lately. I've just been given an illustration project that will run for a few weeks (about 30 hours worth of work). And a potential temporary proofreading position has opened up as well, for which I just need to hash out the details and see if they'll work with my schedule (since I'm working on the illustration project first). AND, I'm beginning a collaboration on a children's book with an friend of a former coworker, which doesn't pay right away but has already been to a publisher and approved, so it's definitely got a chance of turning into something good.

I'm glad this is all hitting me right now, as I'm in the early part of my second trimester (I'm 15 weeks 2 days as of today). I was so severely fatigued, nauseous, and just generally feeling like crap for the last few months that I had trouble simply going about my daily routine at home (walking up stairs, doing laundry, feeding pets, brushing my teeth, etc.). So now I'm a bit refreshed, and although I have to take it easy with the physical stuff cuz I seem to keep pulling my ab/groin muscles (a wonderful side effect of pregnancy), I can certainly sit at my computer and work.

It's amazing how good it makes you feel when you have prospects (and hope for future prospects) after several months of no work and no job leads (except for the one freelance project I did back in June). I'm hopeful that work will pick up, and even if I'm not able to find full time work, perhaps I can become a full-time freelancer at home, which has always been my dream, and would be perfect with the impending arrival of our little one in February.

May you all have great success in your career and creative endeavors!


Char said...

I got a small contract too! yay

I'm hoping you're feeling better

Claire said...

this is such such good news for me. i am smiling from ear to ear i am so happy for you.

avant garde said...

so much is exciting for you right now! super happy for you and pete. i ruly think that the children's book could end up huge for you. you are very talented and if you find that nitch where other artists haven't tapped into yet, yours will surely stand out...they will fly off the shelves. i predict it!!! :) p.s. and you are gorgeous pregnant! so fun.

Chris said...

Thanks all! I'm excited about the prospects, and hope things just get better from here.

Congrats Char! Doesn't it just make you feel so good to be doing something? Especially something than makes you money? LOL

drollgirl said...

this is SO EXCITING!! i am thrilled for you! and if you can freelance from home f/t, it will be just amazing.

i sure wish i could! :)

hope the little one is doing well. pretty exciting, no? wheee!!!