Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Some ShakeIt-enhanced photos of Jack....

Thanks to everyone who still stops by to check on his progress. I have my hands VERY full at the moment, as you can imagine, but hopefully things will eventually quiet down. I miss blogging and all of you!

And yes, as you can see, his feeding tube is long gone (he pulled it out weeks ago) and better yet, he's home! Has been since March 7th. He's still dealing with feeding issues, mostly due to reflux, and still receives therapy. But otherwise he's doing great. I think he's aound 8 lbs, which we will confirm at his pediatrician appointment next week.

He has just started socially smiling, and I love it!

Hope you are all doing well....

Happy Jack

Goofy Jack

For Uncle Matt...

Monkey boy

Another smile

Baby toes (yes, they're crooked)

Full of wonder

Scary Jack

With his froggy Wubanub


ELK said...

i am so happy to see these beautiful images ... take good care

georgia b. said...

he is so adorable in every one of these. i love the feet shot. so so cute.

hey, did you ever send out your announcements?

Teresa said...

So glad to hear your baby is home and off the feeding tube. Sounds like all the scary parts are over for you and Jack. My baby (who is 14 now) just broke his ankle. It is always something.

Good Luck, we miss you too!!

Claire said...

chris this makes me sooooooooo happy.

i can just imagine how full your hands are but your absence only makes us love you and baby jack more. we know what's keeping you busy and away from us.

scary jack is my favourite photo.