Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bottle-drinking champ

Well, while I sit here waiting for the SSI social worker to call (uh hello, you said 11:00?), I figured I'd whip out a post.

Yesterday was awesome. I had a great call from the doctor regarding Jack's progress. Not only was his echocardiogram normal (meaning his heart is okay), but he may be getting off oxygen soon too! And that's not the best part....

Yes, Jack drank A FULL FEEDING from a bottle for the first time yesterday! I was so happy, I actually did a happy dance in my living room once I hung up with the doctor. I was really getting worried about this, since he's now 38 weeks as of today, and this is one of the things he needs to be able to do before he goes home. I was so thrilled to hear this news. And I was hoping he'd do another bottle feed when we visited him last night, but he was cranky and tired, and not up for it. He also had PT come in, and threw a fit while the therapist was there. But a change of diaper transformed his mood, as it always does.

I'm hoping to put him to breast soon, or at least nuzzle him (let him "play" with the breast and get used to it), but that hasn't happened yet. All in good time, I suppose. I wish I were at the hospital for his 11:00 feeding, but I can't go anywhere until this SSI person calls. Frustrating. I should have given them my cell phone number and not my home number.

Yeah, it's no big deal...I'm my father's son, remember? I LIVE to eat!

Well, I'm off to check my messages, just in case someone called while I was in the shower earlier. Just thought I'd share the good news with you all!


avant garde said...

chris, that's the best news ever :) his beautiful face sleeping there with you, completely precious. it must be such a relief to finally see him progressing and close to coming home. he must have that great baby smell too, i miss that bigtime, mine is 16 now. so different kind of smells now :) have fun with him!

Char said...

that is awesome!!! so exciting when he makes some milestones like that

georgia b. said...


he is so cute. i can't wait to see him again.

sorry i didn't call. i was on the phone the whole way to work and home. {shhh... don't tell the police.}

i will call from home tomorrow. can't wait to work on your invites!

i should be able to get them done by the end of the weekend.