Friday, July 31, 2009

A happy anniversary weekend

Hard to believe it's been almost a year already....

We'll be celebrating our first wedding anniversary in Savanna this weekend at the farm, so I thought I'd post about it now. This is a picture of our anniversary cake, which we got in exchange for a photo of us cutting the cake, from our cake lady. My friend Katie sent me the pic of us cutting the cake, for which I'm very grateful. Pete looks like he's lurching at the cake, ha ha, but it's a cute picture anyhow.

Our anniversary cake was a mini version of our wedding cake, complete with fresh daisies on top, and a basket weave pattern on the side. We got the Chocolate Amaretto Bailey's flavor for the filling, which is one of the fillings that was used on our actual wedding cake. I never did get a piece of Pete's groom cake, but I know it must have been good because Sam made it and she's an excellent baker. That day (and night) is still a blur, although I remember hanging out around the campfire at my parents' cabin after the reception, hair still filled with spray and ratted beyond belief. It was a fun way to end the festivities.

I have since had a few pieces of this cake already, and it's really good. Happy anniversary, Pete! And I will see you guys all next week. Hope you have a great weekend!


kendalee said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

The cake looks delicious... Enjoy! :)

Char said...

oh that sounds sooo divine

happy anniversary and I hope you have many, many, many more

georgia b. said...
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georgia b. said...

happy happy anniversary!

it seems like just yesterday you got married rather than just yesterday was your first year anniversary. goes by so fast! :)


it truly was one of the prettiest weddings i ever went to. so glad i got to be a part of it. i wish my pics of you guys cutting the cake had turned out better. oh well. :)

tell pete i said happy anniversary, too!

{ps. love love the plates you had your anniversary cake on.}

Chris said...

Thanks, everyone!

Claire said...

chris i thought of you both as it is my mom's birthday on the same day. i hope that the next year is filled with questions and answers, tears and joy, enough and need, abundance and want. because it is the opposite ends that make the meeting in the middle so worthwhile.

lots of love,